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Recursive Decent Timelines

Hell day is over. Woke up this morning with 2031 homework not done. In 2 hours I finished the coding for it, which was just in time for lecture… However, I hadn’t finished the paper part of the assignment… So I did that during lecture. I managed to get an answer for every problem. Whether that answer is right, I don’t know. That’s ok though, in that class I’m not trying to maintain 100%, I’m just trying to maintain an A, so the more work I got done, the easier that will be. I have a feeling it will be fairly loosely graded.

3081 is going well though. I should maintain my 100% assuming all the other assignments that have yet to be graded end up getting that… I’m at the U of M now and while I wait for the bus and help my friends out a little, I’m going to see if I can’t figure out how to add negative numbers. Not to mention, fix a slight error in our code. It’s not really an error, it just returns the wrong error. Yet another look ahead is what we call that.

In other news: I got the job I interviewed for on Monday. The question is now, whether or not I take the job. Can I afford to take another job that is 20 hours a week. Can I afford to not take the job. I could really use the money. I could really use the experience. I came to the conclusion that on top of being a programmer, I would love to be a server programmer.

I just found out the lab I am in is going to close early for some reason… That makes me mad, so I am going to have to end this post early… ERG ERG ERG. I wanted to keep working here. Where to go instead???

Well, either way. Have a great day all. Later

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