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So last night I discovered an error in my code. Horrible right? I worked on it till about 12:15 before I had to go and say goodnight to my sweety. It wouldn’t have mattered though, I had already submitted the homework. This morning I found out that luckily, the code I submitted was fine. The thing that created the error was added after our submit time. Thank God for that!

The next hour will be spent coding for John. Happily, it’s a module, so you’ll see it here too. I think then I will either continue work on the shop or on the MSA registration system. So much to do… It’s crazy isn’t it?

Even with all that craziness, I’ve decided to take that job. I just can’t turn it down. Money I don’t need so I can save it up for something I want… Like a house. That’d be nice right? We’ll see how it all goes.

Well I’m going to get started on my day so I can get done everything I want to get done in case I want to go over to Amber’s house tonight. Yep yep. I might have to get my pad back from John soon. I kind of miss it :-).

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