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First week on the Job: Part 1

So here I am, technically my first paid day here on the job. It’s all the first time I’ve tried working on one of the servers. Scary isn’t it… When you log into a server you know you better not break. When you know it’s your job to make sure other’s don’t break it, that’s scary too.

Then you ask yourself what did Justin manage to do his first day on the job?

Justin managed to shutdown the apache server and not be able to bring it back up. That’s right, Justin crashed the developement server his first day here. That’s when he decided it might be a good time to call his boss and see how to fix it (because the documentation had obviously been wrong). As it turns out, it eluded his boss as well, so Justin’s first task became fix what he had broke, and document how to really restart the apache server… Fun little mission. Justin of course did figure out what the problem was, or combination of the problems were. His boss was of course happy with him, and he lived happily ever after… Or at least till his next encounter with servers.

Right now, I’m in the process of security checking the servers. Making sure they are all up to date and such. I’m actually waiting for one of the things to install, so no, I’m not neglecting my work.. REALLY!

So yeah, I’m going to type my list of things to do here… I don’t know why.. Maybe cause I’m crazy!!!

Read a bunch of documents on what I’m doing.

Get my email interally setup (can’t do tell Seth get’s back)

Fix Midas (Done)

Fix replication query problem on Rivendell (yes, that’s the name of our server)

Check the iptables on Rivendell might be source of problem.

Clean up root mailbox on mordor (yet another server)

Ponder Debian upgrade (or do it… but we like Red Hat)…

Request two new U of M addresses from NTS mycommunity.umn.edu

Get Thwarte Certs for those addresses

Create a GUI replication system for Moria (Another server)

Check for security updates

Install Samba 3

Run a Nessus Security Check (In progress)

Come up with a password plan

Fix Midas Bugs (Possibly created by me earlier today)

Run up2date

Create an RPM for the Content Management system.

Come up with plan for rack.

For my first day… Craaaazy huh?

More post later.

Of course, I have plenty of time to get it all done. That’s life you know.

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