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Time Out

I need a time out. I need someone to say Justin, go to bed. This week hasn’t been funny.

I love my new job. Really I do. It’s extremely similiar to what I do at MSA. It’s a great group of people. And it’s an even better set of servers. I think I found my new favorite distrib. of linux, but I’ll talk more on that later.

I don’t want to post long because I want to go to bed. To make the long story short, the moment I got on the bus to come home from the U of M, I got a phone call from MSA. The phone call said that the teacher server had died. This is a day we had all long been dreading.

I got to MSA and got to work. It wasn’t something simple, which made me mad. I wish it would have been. I then couldn’t find the boot disks for the tape backup. They were no where to be found. I then couldn’t find NT 4 disks. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure we ever had our NT 4 disks. But wait, it get’s worse. There’s data on that server I need off. I build another server, and then all the client stop working because they aren’t on the domain. My sweety helped me with that. Thank you my love.

Even through all that though, I’m doing well. I’ve got my spirit. But I have a midterm tomorrow that I really need to make a note sheet for. Maybe I’ll do that while I’m compiling apache tomorrow. If I can stay awake. For those of you who didn’t believe computers are my life… Believe now.