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Site Rename Coming

So after what.. 2 years of being online as JJ’s domain, we are looking at a redesign and site name change. That’s right. Someone over here realized that no one cares about the word’s “JJ’s Domain”. Why? Because although it kind of has flair… it just doens’t grasp you as say, the words “Tumble Dry”. Sooo…

With the approval of Sir Tumble Dry (Alex), this site will be changing over to ‘Rinse First’. Don’t worry, for all of those of you who come to this address, it will work, it will just forward you to my new home when I get it. That is: RinseFirst.com. We even have a marketing plan… Ok, so not really, but kind of :-).

Well, as it turns out, other than that minor announcement… I still have homework I need to do, so I’m going to go do it. Later all.

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