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Sex Sells

Well, as we all probably already know… Sex sells. Sex sells really well. You can guess where the new domain is going then.. BWHAHAHaa.. Ok, but we will do it in a semi-christian “g-rated” kind of way. Only the most dirty minded would buy this stuff that we are coming up with.. So basically, that means just about everyone over the age of 16 will want this stuff.

But that’s all to come. If you want to start making the switch now, this site can now be found at http://www.rinsefirst.com/

It’s been more computer work today, and more crazy idea’s day. But I just don’t have the time to figure them all out. I’ll post more later on that as well.. Maybe.

In case I don’t get a post in by tomorrow: Happy Birthday Nikki! It’s been great being your friend for the last 3 or so years!

Well, I best be going.