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Samoas… Or Caramel Delights

For those of you who are curious, we have one of those weird quirks of life happen today. The story goes like this, about a month ago all those little tiny girls with cute pony tails and a brownish vest went around selling Girl Scout Cookies. My mom, being the loving mom that she is, tried to buy her favorite son some of his favorite cookies. She knew them as Samoas. The girl told her that they renamed them this year to Caramel Delights. So that’s what my mom got.

A few days later my lovely Amber called me up and asked if I would buy some Girl Scout Cookies from one of her girls (in Trinity). I said sure, why not. I told her I wanted 6 boxes of Caramel Delights. She said there was no such thing, so I told her I wanted Samoas, so that’s what Amber ordered me.

That brings us to today. Both set’s of cookies arrived, and low and behold, they were both the infamous purple. They both had the same general picture on the front and back. They both had the girl scout logo. The first main difference: One said Samoas, one said Caramel Delights. Strange I thought… Time to investigate.

I then compared them some more. The Caramel Delight box was slightly bigger. I was afraid that I had got scammed by some little girl into paying more for less. As it turns out though, both boxes had 15 cookies. That’s good. I then looked at the Nutrition Facts on the side of the box. It would see that Samoas have 5 more calories than their counterparts. For those of you who prefer exact numbers it was 75 to 70 on a per/calorie basis.

There were some other minor differences as well. The ingredients for the most part were the same. The only other thing that stood out was the logo on the bottom. The Samoas box said manufactured by “Little Brownie Bakers”. Now that sounds like a Girl Scout company to me. The Caramel Delights said “ABC Manufacturing” or something like that. I wonder if that right there isn’t the issue…

I then did a taste test. For the most part they were the same. My mom claimed an aftertaste to the Caramel Delights, but not much of one. I do agree though that I did manage to like the Samoas better. Overall… Not enough for me to make much of a comment on… But I’m still wondering about the name change.

Here of course is where Google stepped in when my homework should have. I started googling my way around the web looking for any insight into this mystery. As it turns out, for the most part, I got just a bunch of blogs mentioning something similiar, but of course, no more as in depth of mine… I mean common, how many people buy cookies from two or more vendors in two or more locations and don’t eat the cookies so fast that they actually see there is a box on these things…

But for those of you who wonder what I did find, let me give you some links. Why? I don’t know.

The Search – This was the search I ran on Google.

http://www.shawnallison.com/ – Some insight in a post with some comments.

Another site – Where they think Samoas is the wrong name, and Caramel Delights is right.

The Official Girl Scout Site

So from those resources I can derive that Samoas aren’t the only cookies with the name change. Perhaps this is why I can get some cookies some years, and others not so much. But needless to say: The issue is settled for this post: there are two cookies with similiar attributes, different makers, different names.

In daily news: Road with John on the way to school today. And on the way home for that matter. It makes for a long day, but saves him and me some money. It should work out well for us when that strike hits us Thursday. I really wish that wasn’t going to happen, it’s only going to make me spend money on parking… erg. Yes, I know, it’s not all about me me me me. It’s about unfairness to bus drivers.

Other than that, I’m doing well at my new Job, working hard at my old, and not finding time to make this site rinsefirst.com. Erg right?

Alex claims he found the coolest looking site ever, So I’m going to give it a link without even looking at it.

Night all.

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