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Scheduled Madness

I came to some sort of insight yesterday. A very curious one. I’m scheduled for chaos. I purposely add things to my life to stay busy. My list never ends. My time is always consumed. If it’s not, I add things as fast as I can. I can always make time for one more thing. I can always make time for others. But what about finding time for myself. What about time for prayer? What about time…

I ended up making the thing I gave up for God was time. I don’t really feel I give up enough time for God anymore. I let school, work, life in general keep me down. You can see it in some of my more recent posts. I’m always talking about how busy I am. So instead of trying to be more busy during lent, I’m going to make time for something that isn’t busy. Something that is slow, meaningful, and worthwhile. Time for things like prayer.

I’ve done some changes that I’ve been known to do before. For example, I have my radio set on FM 2 which is for the most part christian radio stations and family stations. Unlike my FM 1 presents which are rap, rock, and nothing but sex.

Sex… There’s a topic, but I think I talked about it like 3 posts ago.

I had another one of those posts where I was going to point out something that made no sense. Then I forgot it, then I remembered it, then I forgot it again.

For those of you who are wondering why I’m updating, I’m sitting in class. It’s a review class for a midterm I have in like an hour. I don’t really care about it, except that I want 100. Rob and I both have perfect scores right now, which is cool. If we could end the semester with 100% we’d get a good grade. Duh?

I feel like I’m missing something in this post… A point maybe?

Instead of trying to come up with a point, I’m going to go do some CSS research on a type of input box. Yes, that’s what I will do. More later I’m sure.

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