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Piles of Wash

I wonder how a laundry theme of titles will go with this site. Eh, who knows. I’m hoping to add two sections to this site today. One I am coding for another site, one I am coding for this site, although really, I’m not coding anything for that one. It’s already been taken care of. I guess you could say I’m just doing some design work so that you guys can all support this site with your love (and money). hehe. Ok, so it’s not a cheap donation thingy like it was last time. You’ll see it when I’m ready to open the RinseFirst store.

I really feel I need to get the images back up here, as well as some other content for our viewers. That’s includes the ability to click a smile and jump to that post without having to go to the archive. If you have things you’d like to see here on RinseFirst please, email me. Yes, do that.

My list has not gotten drastically shorter today. After two days of straight design work, I’m not really in the mood to code. I know that’s what waits for me at work tomorrow as well. I’ll be in the mood I’m sure after I sleep, or, if I would just get started, after I get started.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m crazy when it comes to computers. You know that when I wake up in the morning to fix a problem that isn’t really that big. At 6:20 this morning, I woke up, crawled out of bed, opened an SSH client to my work terminal, opened another ssh client to the server, and spent the next 10-20 minutes attempting to get a step done in the replication process. Replication? Yes, that’s what I wanted to get working at work. Cool huh? I have this strange feeling that I was supposed to go into MSA today, but I don’t remember why. So I didn’t. I know Dan left me a list of things to do, but nothing was pressing, and I’m sure I’ll spend enough time on it over the next 2 weeks.

Speaking of spending. I made my first significant purchase on Amber today. I bought her jewelry. I’ve bought her plenty of dinners, and plenty of nice little things from time to time (like flowers and um… video games), but never anything girl like. Well today, we went together to the Mapplewood Mall to pick out a neckless for her for Valentines Day. I know it’s a little late, but we are both very busy people, and I wanted her to be the one to pick it out *because after seeing her choice today, I know I surely would have got it wrong*.

She ended up picking out a very nice pretty diamond raindrop necklace. Very pretty, and very worth every dollar I spent on it to see the smile on her face for the next few hours. We then walked around the mall arm in arm. She went and picked out a pair of pants with a gift certificate she had, I and debated purchasing Star Fox for Gamecube for only 15 dollars. I probably should have, but nah.. I like my money.

My motivation is still failing me, but at least I got this post in. Hey, there’s another sheet of paper near here with a list of things I copied from a poster at MSA. It reads as follows.

The Method

Gather Materials
Go through material and highlight/mark important stuff.
Make note cards, or an outline based on that.
Study all of the above. Recopy #3
Make a hit list (things you have trouble with)
Learn hit list (Mnemonics, acronyms)
Retest knowledge (Review all of above)
Quick review right before the test. Top off your short-term memory. It’s amazing how many points this will get you.
DON’T PANIC and SUCCEEDI thought it was a pretty good method to studying for those of you who don’t really know how to do it in classes where studying isn’t something you generally have to do.

Any other useful stuff coming in this post? Probably not. I think I’m going to go find food/dinner/whatever and possibly eat it. Either that, or start coding to my heart’s content… Who knows.

I wonder how long this post really is.

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