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Domain Name Frenzy

It would seem that everyone now want’s there own Domain Name here on JR Corps. Strange how that works:

One day, two kids decided to start a company. (Richard and I) Taking on two different names at the time, I believe JR Corps and … I forgot the other one… Soon their efforts would be doubled as they started putting time into this company. It became less and less of a joke at lunch, and more and more of a reality.

We had our first 2 OS’s. Doors 99 for the TI-82,83, and 85/86. What we didn’t know at the time was someone was writing an OS with the same name. So our’s never really caught on outside of Lake Junior High. We had Doors as well for the PC, which was more of an old school virus we played on some people. It wasn’t harmful at all, unless you didn’t act like the normal user. Brendan loved that disk though because I filled it up with a bunch of wav files.

We followed that up with the launch of our Tripod websites. Grapo and Doughboy’s a code site, TI-Chip a calculator site, Simlands PC World (you guess), Punty’s Homepage. Very elite group of people all getting their sites hosted by Tripod or Angelfire. Soon, I found that Tripod just wasn’t cutting it for me, so I moved what was Grapo and Doughboys to a server at ISD and renamed the site to the SMRC. Back then it was a framed site, with animated gifs for menus and probably more content then it has now.

Soon the gaming sites teamed up to form the WGP (Woodbury Gaming Pages). That didn’t last long, but it was cool while it did. Alex moved to another server in there as well… but I won’t mention that here.

Then, one day, Justin got bored. He said to himself: It’s time to take this game to the next level. He bought JRCorps.com. He purchased webspace. And he started sharing it. First the SMRC went back up in full force. Probably on a long term basis, it still holds the record for most total hits. This spread to the front page of JR Corps, to a series of blogs (flash razor, the onus). For awhile it was even hosting sites we didn’t own directly. Things like the WLC youth website.

We soon added Alex under the official JR Corps served name and he in turn brought us all his personal blog now known as Tumbledry. His site is now known for holding the record for most hits per day. Soon JR Corps would become what it is today. A test bed for W3C standardized coding, php manipulation, and very soon to come, XML.

We can only look forward to see what JR Corps has to offer. With our CEO getting management training and our CFO making money at two jobs that both are offering him invaluable job experience, we could be going places. Heck, we even have someone who qualifies as an in house doctor, and rumor has it, we might even get a lawyer out of the deal. How about them apples.

So that, for those of you who have never seen it typed out, is the founding of and recent history of JR Corps. To this day, if anyone has a copy of Doomsday, please, let me know… I lost my copy :-(.

Oh, and not to mention. I need to figure out how to sell some stuff..

Hope you all enjoyed the story, it’s off to bed for me now.

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