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What happens when..

What happens when:

… your up2date fails, you reboot and find that all your fonts have gone away. Not like, they have been removed from your hard disk, but like, all the text on your screen is missing. You can’t read error messages. You can’t see menus. Title bars are useless… It’s just a bad situation.

Solution: Unknown at this point. Attempting to run Up2date this time in safe mode, but boy is it slow…

… you get a computer that Windows 2k3 server won’t recognize the raid hard drives. Well we all know that your supposed to hit F6 and install the raid drivers from floppy, but that brings us to the next question…

… you didn’t get a floppy for those particular 2k3 drivers with the computer. Well of course we know what you do then, you go and you look for the drivers either on the manufactures site, or your motherboards site in the case of the device is built into your motherboard. In our case, it was that we needed to go the motherboards site… But wait…

… those drivers don’t work? Well, you can go looking for others. But to no avail. Could it be windows? no… Could it be the hardware? Unlikely… Are we sure we have the right drivers? Well let’s upgrade the bios.

… upgrading the bios does nothing? Actually, it did do something, it reported that this bios couldn’t be flashed… That’s weird… why would we be able to download a flash image for the bios if the bios was flashable on this motherboard… Um… Someone please… save me.

… the invoice doesn’t match whats in the computer? This is where you become enraged that you spent hours trying to fix something with faulty information. It’s like bad documentation, you just can’t do it. So after opening the server (which was something I didn’t want to do because it ment taking it back out of the rack) and looking at the motherboard, and the fact that it’s brandname did not match our invoice… You can see where I’d get pissed. Of course, the moment I go and get the drivers from that site, everything works fine. So:

Solution: Don’t believe what’s on paper, find out for yourself right away. Know your machine physically, not assumptionally. Fact of Life: Justin still wins.

… your replication server dies after persistant changes? You beat up on it like a bad habbit over and over again… That is until it finally looks like it’s TRULY working. We’ll see tomorrow afternoon if we make it past the 24 hour point.

Solution: Download as many versions of mysql that are compatible with yours and configure them to match.

… you have little time and lots to do? You panic, you drink liquids and you work till you drop. Tonights goal: all homework for this week. Why? Because there’s a server at MSA that need’s dealing with, a server at U of M that needs a swift boot, 2 major assignments due friday, and a website that needs to be launched by Thursday that is running on my system. Hey, mikey, I think he likes it.

… life doesn’t treat you fair? At the point in which you realize that life isn’t treating you fair, you fight back and don’t treat it fair. Truth is though, life never bent the rules… You just didn’t obey.

… you want to go home? You do… You hop in your car, and you drive away from job #2 to go to job #3 and job #1. That’s in order or priority.

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