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Calendar Troubles

I think…

that every major project I’m working on right now has something to do with time. For example, at work, I’m working on a MS Access interface to an SQL database that has to do with the time at which students can and can not register. And of course, we have deadlines to meet.. like when the students are supposed to register.

I just finished a model for a calendar system for church. That’s clearly all about time and what time events will happen at. That too had a deadline with it: tomorrow.

I’m working on a paper that has to do with music. Of course I’m writing about rythem and such which is really just the passing of music vs. the passing of time. Interesting how everything is related to work… Oh and of course, Deadline: Friday.

As you can see… not only is time related to everything, but so are deadlines.. I mean… deadlines are time… not? I believe it was Douglas Adams who once said, "I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound the make as they fly by."

I need more time. Boy, now there’s a statement. This new job is really putting me in a time crunch with school, my other jobs, and life in general. I don’t know if and where I’m going to find the time to do everything I need to do. If I seem short with you, or if I seem like I am moving faster than I should, I apologize, it’s not that your not important to me, it’s that my time is to precious to waste. If I waste to much, I will resort to not relaxing at all, which means, no updates for you people, and we don’t want that do we George… I mean… Mr. Pet Yarn Creature.

my phone ringer should turn itself down when I’m in a quiet area and up when I’m in a loud area. Doesn’t that just make sense. I mean that way your not getting blasted in the library or in the middle of lecture, and you can hear it clearly in a loud room. Of course, you’d still want the ability to overide it, but common, if they can have adaptive prices for pop machines based on tempature, why can’t they have adaptive ringers based on noise in the room?

Ok, well that’s probably my last post for awhile in this weird kind of format. If anybody has any good ideas on how a calendar should be formatted at the base level… Email them to me… The debate is lists, headings, or tables… Right now, we’re not sure any of them are right.

Night all. Pray that I find time.

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