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Saving Time

The trick to getting stuff done, is doing the stuff you want to get done in the time that your normally thinking to yourself that your wasting. For example:

Today, I have to write a 4 page paper on music in everday life, and complete a good amount of computer science problems. The paper would probably take me about 2 hours, and the homework, probably around 3 or 4. I have a lecture today that is about an hour and a half. That’s enough time for me to write a rough draft. So that’s what I did. I brought a laptop, and during lecture, I wrote the rest of my music rough draft. If you want to read it or edit it, please feel free to download it here. Please make sure you turn on track changes and submit it back to justin@jrcorps.com

Ok, so that’s simple enough right? Exactly.

Btw: I have a post for tonight as well on how disgusted I am with the Radio networks. I would write about it now, but lecture is getting over with and my battery is going dead, so this is just going to have to be a short post.

More later everyone.

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