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Proposals and Calendar CSS

As far as my Spring Break goes, I’m already behind schedule. Go figure.

I’m so dead tired as one might imagine. I would go crawl in bed, but my sweety hasn’t called just yet. Ye, I don’t know. Life is interesting like that.

I spent most of tonight sitting and staring blankly at this screen. I didn’t do much of anything until I started writing a proposal for network design at MSA. Seeing as some key decisions need to be made before than, I thought it might be a good idea.

Other than that, not much new is going on. I’m just tired.

Shoot, my phone was on silent, and I’ve been missing my calls. Erg, maybe Amber already called. No, but Nikki did… Eh, probably not worth returning at this point, I don’t want to do anything anyway. I guess I’ll check my voicemail though.

Alex was helping me out with the CSS Calendar idea. It was going really well too. What he designed looked spectacular. Then, I tried to add events to it, and the thing started having fun, but not fun at the time problems. That said, I went back to googling again. I ended up finding this little gem of a site which basically told me, the idea of CSS tables is not only a rather bad one, but not needed anyway. So we go back to making the tables work perhaps a little nicer. Oh well, I guess it saves us time anyway.

Note: For those of you who think it should still be done using CSS, you might want to think about how your going to make it look when the CSS isn’t there, and how your going to get everything to be the same height… Remember that problem you had trying to get 2 columns to be the same height… yeah, it will happen here to.

Amber just called, so I suppose I’ll be heading off to bed. Sorry Nikki for missing your calls, and John, if you write a book, those chapters will come so much sooner.

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