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Always Test Your Backups

I, for the most part, have had a pretty good day. The productivity wasn’t quite as good as it could have been, but overall, a good day. Let’s walk through it together shall we?

Morning started like any other Sunday morning. Had a good time praising the Lord. It felt like it went by fast today, which isn’t unusual, just… rare.

Afterwards, Amber and I went up to Damon’s where Nikki joined up. We watched the first half of todays Nascar race, during which, Gordan looked like he was going to do some good old fashioned leave them in the dirt racing. But, of course, those who start strong in Nascar, rarely finish there. On the upside, Gordan ended up finishing 10th, which puts him in 5th place in the points standings. Jimmy Johnson finished top 5 as well, and Vickers, my rookie, I think finished 20th. Not overly shabby for my Du Pont Crew.

After Damon’s, I headed home and Amber headed to work. Once home, I finished up some stuff on my computer so I could head into MSA (mainly stuff to do with ISO images). I got in and around 7ish I was feel really good about the server. Profiles, Shares, AD, Virus Scan, and the backup software all seemed to be working pretty well together, which is surprising given that we’ve never really had a ‘nice’ install.

But, somewhere in there… I started thinking. Realizing that the problem we had with the last teacher server was that we couldn’t restore from the backups, I decided to document and try to restore myself. I made my tape, I made my bootable media. I rebooted.

It started restoring. Then failed. Try again, same thing. Very very upset at this point. Do the people who design this backup software not put like 15 levels of fail safes to make sure it always works? Don’t they realize people like me generally don’t test the backup procedures unless something goes wrong? Well, whatever the case, It’s better we found out now that something was wrong with our backup than say… after something was actually wrong with the server as well.

To solve this problem, I brought home the CD which contained the 300 page manual on the backup software. Needless to say, after skimming and reading the important stuff, I come to find that either I forgot to check a single box (which I don’t think I did) or they suck. On the upside of things though, assuming that there was nothing wrong with my backup, I should be able to restore once I get windows back on the machine. If not, it will probably take me 3 hours to rebuild the dumb thing once again only to recreate the problem I just had *yes, you heard that right, this server will not go to production mode if it can’t be rebuilt in under and hour with yesterdays data*

That was my day, now I’m going to go make a sweatshirt, and order it.

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