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Mid Spring Break

Here I am at my third day of Spring Break, and my third day of work. It’s going pretty well today, things are flowing and getting done. I will be going out to lunch with my boss in a few short minutes, that should be overall fun.

I’m thinking about making a best of Rinse First book. That way people can purchase all our prior entries in their best, edited form. What do you think? Would people buy it? No clue…

Tonight I’m going to go see the Passion. People are expecting me to cry. To bad for them, although, come to think of it, I probably will cry. It’s amazing what our Lord and Savior has done for us, me, the world. If you want to see the movie (for free) come up to Carmike around 6:30. If your under 17, you’ll need some signatures from a parent, so that could be an issue, but if your not, there are bound to be open seats.

So yeah, if you want to come, just show up. There will be spots, and it’s free!

Other than that, I’m out til after the movie. I’ve got to work afterall.

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