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Signs of Wear

You can tell I’m run down when I manage to sit in front of my computer monitor for more than 30 minutes, and the number of rows I’m using on my task bar is still 2… For those of you who have never worked on my home desktop enviroment, let me explain.

That task bar down at the bottom that is known for it’s start button and always wrong clock, can be made larger than the one row most people use. In my case, I have made it 3 rows. Why you might ask? Well the first reason is very simple, I open lots of windows, and I like to see their titles. I don’t use the horrible grouping feature because it adds a click to get to what I want. I do Alt+Tab, but when you have 15+ windows open, even that get’s annoying. For those of you who don’t understand why anyone in their right mind would have 15 windows open: I have lots of friends, and lots of code.

The second reason my task bar is larger than most is because I have *on average* 9 quicklaunch buttons, and 9 displaying items in the tray. Now this varies, but you can see how they both form perfect 3×3 grids when you have 3 rows. Simple enough right? Like I said before, I don’t like things hidden that I want to use.

The third, and final reason I have three rows up is because I always need to know more than the time. What many people don’t know is, if you bring your start bar up, the clock will then tell you what the date is, and even what day it is. This helps greatly when you’re an average fool like me who always loses track of what day of the week he is on.

So yes, I run at home a Windows XP enviroment with a 3 row start bar.

At work, I run Red Hat Fedora, and aside from some problems with Up2date, I’m very happy with it. Extremely actually. It hasn’t given me any problems so far, it holds up. I can’t wait to build a firewall from it.

Blaine got me thinking about purchasing Co-Location again today. I must be nutz. I don’t have the time or software at this point to make that happen.

Oh, I did have something I wanted to post here today didn’t I. I forgot about that.

I wanted to post about the Passion of the Christ. If you haven’t seen it, please do, whether your a Christian or not. For Christians, you will be strengthened in your belief, and if you didn’t understand what Jesus did for you, you will. For non-believers, you will see what one guy who claimed to be the Son of God did for you, reguardless of whether or not he was the Son of God. If that last statement sounded funny, it’s true. Roman documentation would at least say that there was a guy named Jesus who died for no reason of the courts. So, I suggest you see it, and see what just all the talk is about.

And if you want to make excuses, let me ruin that for you as well. If you haven’t seen it, want to, but don’t want to pay or go alone, then call me. We’ll set a time where the two *or more* can go, I’ll pay for your ticket, heck, I’ll even buy you popcorn. The only deal you have to make with me is to stay for the movie. If you don’t know my phone number, email me (I’m not a fan of giving it out on my personal site, but there are ways of finding it on the web).

So that be my offer. Take it :-).

If you have seen The Passion, have questions about it, or anything of the sort, then I would like to forward you here: http://wlcyouth.org/forums/index.php?action=vtopic&forum=4 

For those of you who want to know what The Passion meant to me, well… You’ll have to wait till I’m sure I know.

I did meet two cool guys last night. Brian and Mike. They had gotten left behind and I decided to make sure their ride came. We talked and stuff about life. Both of them are in ROTC, and are very key on that. They sound like they love that program, and from the stories they told, I can see why. Mike sounds like he might one day be a history major and join the air force. All the power too him. I doubt they will ever find this site, but to the two of them, it was pretty cool just chatting for the 10 minutes we were there.

Speaking of cool things. Dan has been working on a link thing that looks cool for linking out to other sites. All the more urgent to get RSS feeds coming from this site… All the more urgent for me to code.

Speaking of Code, here’s my list of things learned and done today:

Queries are more powerful than I give them credit for: You want to see the true power of a query, work on cross-linked databases for U of M. The data is massive, requires accuracy, and is a just plain fun challenge to get to work right like 99% of the time.
Blaine and I have potential: I feel as though hosting may be a way to go for us in the future. Maybe… His content management, my server management, with a little bit of work with each other.
You think you can send bad emails and not get caught? Think again. *no it wasn’t me, I was the one doing the catching*
When your tired, just fix minor things, don’t actually think: for those of you who saw the broken graph, it’s fixed now. Also fixed the title of the site to match up with Rinse First. I think that makes that the last official conversation of the layout from JJ’s Domain to Rinse First.
If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it: That’s right.So yeah, that was my coding today.

I hope my sweatshirt comes tomorrow, and the guy that wants my pad for the weekend get’s ahold of me.

Well, that’s that. Here’s yet another fairly long post, and JJ saying goodnight.