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A Reviewed Commandment

I was standing here, realizing that my mood has been in great decline the last few weeks. Some would like to try to pinpoint it to a certain event, others, realize it might be more than that… Simply speaking: it all comes down to not obeying the 10 commandments.

Imparticularly the 3rd.

So I did some research today, to figure out what exactly this commandment meant and why so many people disreguard it as blah. Really, when you think about it, why would God have ever said take a day out and honor me…

Well as it turns out, according to this, the rule is no longer a concern for ‘Christians’. And to some degree, I believe it’s context has changed, not with time, but with what Jesus said when he was here. I’m not one to be able to quote scripture word for word, but I do recall a story about Jesus and the Pharisee’s and curing some blind man on the 7th day.

But non the less, I like to believe that all 10 commandments still hold firm to this day when looked at an overall sense of being right. For when you think about it, right and wrong is a perspective thing, but an overall right should come above all others and stand the test of time. I believe this is the case with the 10 commandments. Heck, to relate it to the previous post, the 10 commandments should work out because they are an abstraction of just about everyone one could do wrong. The only greater abstraction would be to say "Thou shalt not sin". Wow…

Ok, but back to my point. I believe the 3rd commandment is telling us that we need to set some time aside. Time aside to rest. Time aside to worship. Time aside to praise. Time aside to love one another. Time aside to update sites. Time aside to relax. Time aside to sleep. Time aside to be comforted. Time aside to adorn. Time aside to smile. Time aside to spread Joy. Time aside to live in peace. Time aside to smell fresh air. Time aside to watch sunrises. Time aside to sing. Time aside to dance. Time aside to live the high life. Time aside to give up your sorrows. Time aside to live.

In all of these things I have managed to fail in the last week.

Instead of finding time to praise and love and be loved, I found time to work, and do more work. Heck, I’ve been doing that since I found my new job. The combination of MSA going to shambles server wise, and a new job lead to nothing but work. Stressful, computer work.

So why don’t the computers just work right?

Then things would go fast.

Why am I using line breaks there?

Needless to say… as soon as I finish all this work (MSA and School), which should probably fall along the time of next Saturday (if all goes well). I am then going to strap on my rollerblades, grab my sweety, and make her go skating with me around some park.

That said, this is of course pending any weather that is known for coming back this time of year.

Well, my image is done, time to go test it.

Later all.


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