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Spinning Disks

I’m at it again with the minor site changes. In reality, if I make enough minor site changes, it should in theory turn into a rather large site change over time. Today’s change: the reorganization and addition of some links on the right site.

Let me know what you think of that change by emailing me. I will continue to have people’s name link with their site and such, this was just a way to plug my daily reads. Actually, it was just a way for me to navigate my daily reads without having to type in their address. Consider it, my bookmarks.

I just realized that I managed to add a lot of content to my site by doing that. Think about it, the more people you link out to, the more content people can get to from your site. By linking out you grow the web. I know this sounds stupid when stated, but think about it… Why does everyone like Google? Because it has so much content organized in a useful way. As long as I can keep it organized, it should work out.

Maybe I’ll ask Dan if I can make something similiar to his mouse over at some point.. For now, I don’t need it.

Well, I’m going to do something other than work on my site now.

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