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Economic Orgasms

I just can’t help but post this. I was surfing the news articles and ran into an artical on the Economics of Faking Orgasm. At first I was expecting some sort of artical on how women fake to get ahead in the world (wow lots of puns there). But actually, the artical is kind of interesting.

Some guy in Texas is running studies on ammendments by comparing them to what is known in Economics as game theory. If you don’t know what Game theory is, I suggest you go see the move about the man who invented it (A Beautiful Mind). There is a scene that refrences his game theory. It’s the one with the women and the guys all wanting to chase after the same one. The movie has a pretty good site, so I suggest you check it out.

I’m in music class now and I think I’m going to pay attention. I generaly enjoy this class when I pay attention, and to waste it by not listening, well… That just wouldn’t be music.

Well one more link before I go: Mensa. Later all.

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