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Welcome Menssen.Org visitors

As many of us already know, Dan has been working on a cool tool to show the title of a site in a little popup when you hover over a link on his site. Very cool feature.

Needless to say, Dan forgot something though. He forgot that some people know Javascript, and that others know PHP, and that the one’s that know both know how to subvert things if they aren’t done properly.

Needless to say, while Dan is on vacaction, or until he checks his site, you will all be getting wonderful updates from yours truly. If you want to read some of Dan‘s site, you need to disable javascript in your browser, and I don’t really feel like taking the time to explain that.

It should be noted: I wouldn’t be doing this to Dan‘s site, if I was going to be doing permanent damage, or if I didn’t like Dan :-). Sorry dude for making you work, the moment you get back (or update) I will disable my code.

That said, if anyone can find a way to do something like that to my site, please do. I want to know if this site has any vulnerabilities other than password cracking.

So until my next post. Later all.