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Again, welcome people who are coming from sites that I have either been linked from in the last few days, or haven decided to update for.

My apologies to those of you using IE 6 who had a render issue with my last short post. If you wanted to read it, go to the archive and check out my most recent of posts. I’ll try to get the render issue fixed for ya so it doesn’t happen again (and maybe I’ll send the fix to Microsoft so they can fix their browser).

Let’s see, I’m not going to update anymore than that except to say, life is good. I have quite a bit of content today, so read back to those posts.

Otherwise, I’ll pop out a link. If you have seen The Passion and want to talk about it, go here. Otherwise, go see the movie! If you still haven’t, check my earlier posts for my offer to take you. Later all.

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