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Todays design tip: read more sites that have to do with design. I must say, now that I’ve become a regular reader of Mezzoblue, and have started to navigate it’s plethora of links, I feel as if I’m learning new things that are useful. I understand this box model hack. I understand why I’m trying to use it to fix the way this site looks in IE 5. I understand that yes in deed, Mircosoft should know better. But thats ok. Needless to say, this site’s design will always be a work in progress.

I thought I would plug the name Sim here. He’s getting back into webdesign to hopefully help with a job interview. It will be curious to see how that goes.

For those of you who are wondering if I support Amber’s tattoo idea: I don’t. I love Amber very very much, and I support what she does, but I do not support her tattoo. I think she is beautiful just the way she is.

Back to topics of the day. So it turns out I’ve been making a rather funny mistake. It turns out, I’ve been going into work a half hour early every day this week. See, my schedule was different than normal over spring break, and when I came back, I thought my schedule was earlier. Turns out I was wrong. I didn’t notice till today because all of a sudden I had reached my hour limit a day in advance… Go figure that it would add up.

At least that will give me time to work on some homework that Rob and I spent tonight working on. It’s another DECELL lab, or for those of you who don’t follow this site like a bad habbit, a spreadsheet program. It’s fun, and we are just at the point where we think we have a working build of the tree for prefix notation. (No I don’t expcet you could understand what I just said).

Speaking of tree data types. I can see why they are so useful. I mean, when your first taught about binary tree’s and the search algorithems that go with them, or about XML and the way it forms a tree for its data, you think, this is stupid. But I’ve come to realize the power of trees isn’t in their appearance. The power of tree’s is their ability to build on one another in a non-linear fashion.

Think about it, just at the spread sheet level. You probably have a tree that is parsing your text in the cell. You then probably have a tree that links a row of cells together, and perhaps a tree to link the columns together. You probably than have a tree to link the sheets together. The data structures at that point get hard to see as trees, but you get the idea. There everywhere, and for this reason, I can see why XML is going to live on.

I need a computer with IE 5 on it. I would dual boot this one, but it’s hard to back up the amount of stuff I have (At present, I’m using 17% of my hard drive. Not bad right.. wait, that’s 17% of 1 terrabyte.. That’s a friggen 170 gigabytes.. Heck, most peoples hard drives don’t hold that yet, and you expect me to back it up… yeah right).

On a lighter note, Scooby Doo 2 opens tomorrow. Anyone up for an encore? The weather is getting nice after all… (wait a second, what does weather and having to go see a movie have to do with each other…)

This post is going down hill. I love fog.

Hey, I’m going to mention someone I don’t normally mention here. Amy. Amy is my sister for those of you who don’t know. I don’t post about my family often, but I don’t know why, maybe because I’m not around here much anymore, or because we rarely act like a family.

Well, needless to say, I would like to congradulate my sister on beating, or at least getting to, the end of Zelda (she was in progress of trying to beat it when I left to come down here to my computer). She always seems to beat me at beating games lately, probably because she spends her spring break playing them, where as I spent mine working. Either way, it’s cool she conquered the game.

One last thing before I go, because I don’t feel I gave you enough outside linkage: If you thought either the article I posted yesterday was interesting, or that the debate that was going on at church last night got you discouraged towards government, then I suggest you go read this new law… 

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