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Not to much to update on

Well, I don’t have much to update on at this point. Just don’t have anything really to say. Spent most of the day at MSA working, will probably do the same tomorrow. I have homework to get done at some point, and a few sites I want to design (one for a contest). I have a voicemail to return. I have a girl to love. I have a pad to pick up.

So much, so little time.

Spent the night with Amber’s family. We had a great time playing DDR and poker all night long. I think I even came out ahead (even though Amber kept trying to lose all of my money for me :-)). It’s good to have more family. I then took her home, and ended up coming here to post this short post.

So that’s the short post. Go read some other cool site so you can be ready for tomorrow. Hope things are going well for Rich. oh, and Nikki, if you read this, I’m not wearing my shirt tomorrow… I don’t have time to swash the stink out of it.

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