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System Support Nightmare

So my day from hell begins.

MSA launches on its new teacher server this morning. After putting a good number of hours in on the network over the last week, it is about 99% ready to go. So far I managed to get 3 phone calls this morning, none of which were very difficult questions, just people getting adjusted to the new system. However, there’s bound to be something, no matter how well you test it.

Take work for example. The project we have been working on for the last week launched basically friday. Everyone from a user standpoint is going smooth, but from our aspect, we have some issues. A few students are getting through the system where they shouldn’t be, and a few are labled wrong. Again, nothing we can’t handle.

Other than that, I’m just sitting here during class again. Fun stuff right? I’m glad I took linear algebra before I took this class, if it wasn’t for that, I’d be screwed.

I’m again at fixing minor things on the site to get it more tight than ever. For the third time I have replaced the script that allows me to say Amber and her name get’s linked. I fixed a validation problem with my navigation. Restructured my document so that the outline made better sense. And some other minor CSS changes. Posting them now.

Later all.

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