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New Moves

It looks like I could be moving very very soon, or at least buying the house we will be moving into. It’s not for sure, but needless to say, it’s the closest we’ve ever come to moving in the last 17 years. It all depends now on the selling price of our current home. If we don’t get a certain minimum dollar value, we won’t move. Don’t ask me what the min is, for that is my parents choice, not mine.

The house is pretty nice, and probably great for parties. I will be sure to have one right away. It will be a party where people can swim. Note, I have to get the house to have this party. And note: it doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer, for this house is all climate when it comes to the pool (very cool).

Enough about that, I will only spill more beans if we buy it. Otherwise, it’s just to much to think about if we don’t buy it.

I’m behind on my homework yet again. I’m behind at MSA yet again. The only place I’m not really behind at is work. I just need time. Time to catch up. Time to live. But no such time exists. Amber works tomorrow, maybe I can catch up on the school work, or MSA.

The gopher girls lost. To bad.. So sad. I cry.

The movie The Prince and Me is very good. You should see it with a member of the opposite sex. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will make you want to get in Julia Styles pants (Amber says don’t write that, I say I don’t really want to cause I have Ambers pants to get into, but they don’t fit). But definently worth seeing, for it teaches one how to hook up in the stacks. Go see.

John, I should read your site.

Rob, I saw your email, I will read it later.

Mezzoblue, I should read you.

I’m shopping for a server. I hope to get it soon. I need to go to the bank and get some cash in my checking account so that I may purchase this server. Yes, a server for web sites. A server for mass production of web sites. A server to meet the growing needs of JR Corps.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get.

Go-cart track, we could get a go-cart track.

The hour skip thingy that happened last night has made me want to go to bed, or maybe it is the fact I have to wake up extra early tomorrow to finish some homework and study for a test. I hate it when I need to study for a test. I best not forget my CD player tomorrow.

I must go now, fair winds.

*Dead man standing*