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The calm before the storm

In the distance I can hear sirens. I think that’s a warning of the sheer pain I’m about to experience. Let’s sum up hell day:

Woke up this morning and realized no matter how early I got to the U, I wasn’t going to get this homework done any better than my previous homework, therefore, this would be the homework that got dropped, and the only thing I can do at this point is make up for the problems on the next 2 homeworks. That said, I could be ok, as long as I don’t let this happen again. Needless to say, if something goes wrong with that plan, I will have to put to use my freshman drop to save my butt from an F.

So that was phase 1 of hell day, and it was dealt with in an unacceptable manor, but a required one non the less.

Phase 2 begins in less than 30 minutes. It consists of a music midterm that I have spent the last hour studying for. Justin? Study? Whoa. I hate memorization, I just hate it. I don’t care who wrote the music as long as it sounds good. But I suppose I will do alright. That is unless the professor makes it insane. Which could happen, in which case we follow the same path as in phase 1, we shake it off, and do better the rest of the semester.

The rest of the semester… thats a month. For 1 month I will have to give 100% to my school, how is that possible when I already give work 100%, MSA 80% and myself 20%. I don’t see the time anywere near where it should be. And what about God, wasn’t God supposed to get a little more time as well. I still owe church a calendar module that works. Perhaps I should just start clean with them, they’ll never know.

So if Phase 2 goes well, I will be fine the rest of the day. If phase 2 goes poorly, I will be in a state of ruin the rest of the day, with no Amber to cheer me up cause she works late tonight. I guess I’ll have to resort to coding or something like that.

Phase 3 begins later tonight and is more or less an optional phase. There’s a weird ghost on the MSA teacher network that I’m not quite sure I can explain. Files are randomly deleting themselves. I believe this has something to do with syncronization, but I am unsure. We shalt see. Maybe the clocks are off between computers or something like that. I have no idea.

Needless to say, it needs to get fixed.

I think I might start working on anything that is due this week so that what happened last week doesn’t happen again this week. With Amber working, I should have time to do that if I don’t dilly dally my way around it.

Nascar went pretty well for me yesterday with Gordan moving back into the Top 10 in standings with a 3rd place finish. He should have gotten 1st but his stupid battery went dead and he had to switch. Oh well, what can you do?

Well I should run one more cram session before the test, wish me luck with the rest of the day from Hell.