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Secular Radio Still Sucks and Coding Decisions

KDWB managed to prove again to me this morning just how much secular radio stations suck. Not only did they manage to get me ticked off, but they also managed to tick off a good portion of their listening population.

Needless to say, they promoted a website this morning that encourages and helps people cheat on their wives/husbands. I would post the link, but have no desire in promoting them myself. They had the webmaster on this morning who openly came on the air, claimed he was cheating on his wife, and that his site was now getting 1.5 million hits a month of people wishing to either to learn how to cheat or looking to hook up with someone to cheat with. The concept, although simple, is just flat out morally wrong, and for KDWB to come out say "we aren’t promoting cheating" is a load of crap.

It’s the same reason most radio stations give equal radio time to both republicans and democrats. You can’t say something on the air and assume that just because you mention it, people aren’t going to be curious about it. To be fair, Dave Ryan should have dedicated and equal amount of time talking about a website that promotes a moral married relationship. Correction: Dave should promoted 2 websites, because he actually promoted 2 websites in the time span that I was listening. Now, he claims to not support cheating… but to even suggest the idea…

Hey wait, I have an idea, let’s all send Dave’s wife an anoymous piece of mail informing her that Dave is in deed sleeping around. We’ll see how his wife takes it… Now, I don’t believe in fighting fire with fire, so don’t do that, but still… Instead, what you should do, is if you believe that Dave shouldn’t have been promoting this crap, send him an email here: ryanshow@kdwb.com

It should be noted that this is the second time that Dave has "promoted" sexual indiscretion. Is other regular event is the War of the Roses. Although, not as much a promotion for cheating, it is a rather rough way to pry into peoples lives.

Ok, that’s the end of my rant. I think it’s time I removed the radio from my car and went back to my CDs.

New topic. I’m in my logic class right now, and my professor made me aware of an algorithim to solve prime numbers in polynomial time. I thought it was cool, so I would post a link.

Let’s see, I think I have other things to talk about. Oh, depending on when I finish this post and start working on my new features, I might or might not finish the new graphing module.

Ok, I’m going to go work on that. Later.

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