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Brother Bear, Homework, and updates

Happy Easter to one and all. May the Lord God Almighty bless you all and remember that today he is RISEN for you.

That said, I’m working on homework. I plan to run through my day in this post towards the end, after my homework is done. However, while I’m working on my homework I have "Brother Bear" in my dvd player. I’m watching it with the moose comentary, which I must say is slightly funnier than the movie itself. Therefore, while I work on my homework, I’m going to be putting quotes in from the commentary. Here goes:

"People shouldn’t run off glaciers"
"People shoudn’t run with sharp spears"

"Hey look there’s one little tree holding up an entire cliff"
"It’s an animated feature, that wouldn’t happen in real life"

"And here’s a mini theme going on in the movie called revent. Don’t jump of glaciers and don’t go for revenge. Gets you nowhere, except maybe killed."

"Chase, drums, running"

"The big bear has expired"

"No amount of falling from rocks, cliffs, or icebergs hurts a bear"

It should be noted here that the description the mooses give for 5.1 surround sound, 6.1, 7.1, 8.1, dolby compression, and dolby noise reduction, although funny, is completely WRONG.

"I hate lava, I’m very much against it."
"Don’t worry, I’ll take you to McDonald’s. everything will be ok"

"I don’t think they wanted to burn any chipmunks"
"I didn’t say IN the lava"

"Never underestimate a murdering human"
"So long human, enjoy the swim"

"Besides they got other brothers that aren’t in this movie"
"What are you talking about?"
"Eskili, Explorer, Yukon" (in refrence to an SUV joke earlier)
"Oh geez"

"They were going to call it the Phil Colin’s movie"
"Really? Brother Phil?"

Ok, enough with the quotes, we’ll all have to sit down and watch the movie sometime at a movie night this summer. (Yes you heard that right, movie night will return during the summer months, as will poker night).

My paper is coming along nicely. My mom is currently in the process of tearing it apparent (did I mention my mom rocks?). I also find it quite amusing how I seem to have so much energy and just keep wanting to do more with my day. I haven’t even played poker today! Eh.

Well, this post was going to be longer, but instead, I have decieded to cut it short. Work work work as they say.

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