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Monday Moan Days

I am tired. Very tired. I slept so hard last night that I don’t think someone clapping on front of my face would have woken me. I’m guessing that the constant upbeat energy I maintained all day yesterday on only 2 hours of sleep led to this tired feeling I’m feeling now. Eh, who knows.

Work went well this morning. Got a few pieces of code done, including one to find a median of a sum of flags in a table. I know that doesn’t sound all that cool, but really, it’s an ingenious idea to use the max of the top 50%. It doesn’t take the finicial median, but it gets the job done.

Hey cool, we’re talking about splines today. That’s one of the first video game terms I remember, "reticulating splines", Sim City 2000. In the first 20 minutes though he hasn’t seem to tell me what splines are… Hmmm. Waste of time? I think so. Ooo oo, Notes:


Originally used by draftsmen to draw curves (and draftswomen) with a thin strip of wood ment to pass threw control points (weights).
First order splines are piece wise linear interpolations (straight lines).
Statifys the following conditions:
1) for each i=0..n-1, S(x) is a linear polynomial, Si(x), on (xi, xi+1)
2) Si(x) = Yi for each i
3) must be continuousI found my gameboy again this weekend. I’ve started playing Final Fantasy Tactics again. I have like 70 missions left before the game is cleared. Not to bed eh?

I do have some minor homework that I want to touch up that is due at like noon today, so I think I’ll put some touches on that. I just relized I’m not effectively counting hits anymore… I should fix that.

I think that’s all I have to say for now.