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So I woke up this morning thinking I might get a lot done. I’m here now attesting to the fact that this isn’t true.

The list of things I’ve managed to start but not finish includes but is not limited to: A website, a can of pop, a bottle of water, getting dressed, a paper, lunch, and probably some other various things, but if I mentioned them then I would finish this list, and that would ruin my pattern for the day.

I noticed something today as well. I’m not paying ANY attention to my file system. Not in the sense you might think. I’m not like most people who don’t realize they only have 100 megs left of disk space, when it comes to free space, I know exactly where I’m at, and it’s always PLENTY (generally in the area of 700-800 gigs). What I ment by the fact that I’m not paying attention to my file system is that I don’t know where I’m keeping files.

Take for example this website.

I keep 3 versions of it (not counting backup disks). One is the live version which you see on a day to day basis. The one I do most of my work on these days is the one on my jump drive, and then there is the one that I use when I’m working from home. As you can imagine the only one that matters really is the one that is live.

But what I’m finding is I’m doing double the work a lot of the time. Take for example the graph below. On the 10th of last week, I put some finishing touches on the graph here at home. It worked perfectly as many of you can attest to. That’s all fine and dandy. Tuesday roled around and I realized there was a rather large security hole in my entire site. So I fixed that. But wait, I forgot to download the file with the perfectly working graph stuff, and yes, I did update the graph with this security update.

So as you can imagine, the security was right, but now the graph wasn’t working the way it should. Of course, then I had to either a) rewrite the code, or b) find my home copy, and make the security changes again to the file that was right. ERG. What I need is an FTP program that syncs me up with the live site the moment I connect.

Think of it as CVS for people who forget to CVS UPDATE. Maybe I should just make this site a respository and say screw it to trying to keep 2 file systems clean.


Ok that’s it. Time for me to go. Fair winds all, I need a shower.


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