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School is really getting old. Why should I keep going? I woke up late as always and so I drove, and drove some more. Not much really happened except I got to go out with friends that night…
Boy was that interesting. First we switch our major plans from the Mall of America to Wendys. There we discuss a moving picture toy that we got, some other interesting table talk, and well just plain fun.
We then all got into cars, me the only one by myself, and drove to a place called Lava Links for some fun. To make the first part of this story short, I got seperated from the group and ended up getting a form of lost.
When I found them, they had decided to switch to Aladdin’s Castle for their arcade pleasures. When I went to move my car to Aladdin’s, I ended up giving a guy a jump in the parking lot.
That has to rank as one of the coolest things you can ever do for somebody. The downside was his alternator was shot so, the moment he turned his headlights on it would die… Aladdin’s Castle was ok.
It was just good to be with friends… I did make one mistake today though, well two. First, was I should have been more assertive in my actions with a certain girl. Second, was that I should have started that 1500 words I had to write before I left.
Luckily, I got it all done by 1.

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