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Interesting Search Engine

It’s been a good day so far. I’ve been at work basically all morning working on a single query. It’s a cool query though. It takes over 1.5 million entries in 6 tables at the  U of M and narrows it down to a table of about 150,000 entries of students and staff that have certain information. The query itself is about 40 lines long at this point, but it’s a pretty dang cool query.

I found an intersting website today, and because I found it, you will all now need to go submit your site to it. The site is: http://www.mapplanet.com. It’s basically a search engine that you browse graphically. If you search for my city (Woodbury), you’ll notice that there is a small icon just to the south of it that says Rinse First. I expect after you all have read my post, that you will all go place icons on the map (most of you in Woodbury). So go now, and advertise your site!

I best be going now and paying attention during class.