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Just when you thought

Just when you thought you had heard the last of the new server news, here’s some more:

JJ would like to announce the opening of the name the server contest. There is a prize, other than possibly free server space for the winner of the contest. The only rule is, you have to email it to me. Feel free to submit as many as you’d like. So let the server naming contest begin. Oh: by the way: me and Blaine are the judges, and we choose who wins… even if it has to be us. So yes, you are competing against my entries.

I realized today that I am either lucky, or about to be extremely screwed. I stayed at the U of M late today to do some homework that is due on friday. It’s a good thing I started today, because I got there at 4 and didn’t leave till 9, and I still have over half the assignment to do (problem wise, not technically work wise). The question is, how long will it take for me to get it done, and should I give up church to insure that I get my A on the assignment (I need some A’s in this class VERY VERY badly).

That said, we will make our choice based on how much we get done tomorrow throughout the day.

To add to my stress level tonight, a hard drive died in a computer at MSA today. Thank God for RAID and Dan. Man.. it could have been 4 weeks ago, all over again. But we’ve got a few days to figure out what’s wrong and how we are going to get it fixed (IE: how they are going to ship us a new hard drive).

The reason though, that I’m still in a good mood is how I ended my day. With a homemade brownie that was freshly cooked tonight, and a phonecall with my wonderfully amazing girl Amber. Peace out ya’ll.

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