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God Bless

God has blessed me with many talents, but the one that always seems to stand out in peoples’ minds is my ability with computers. As everyone can tell from all my various posts, I love computers. I love what they are capable of. I love what they are growing to be (with the exception of Google). But today… Today was another story… However, let’s start this story with yesterday.

Yesterday, Blaine, Sim, and I, went to downtown Minneapolis to have a meeting with Stuart about server co-location. Stuart is CEO of a small 15 person company that deals in business to business internet. He’s a very cool guy, and owns, a very cool business.

Needless to say, we were all impressed with the facility and the prices weren’t bad either. They were about half of what visi would have charged us, and it wouldn’t have been as personal as this company was. To get a feel of how personal this company is, they invited the 3 of us to come watch movies with them on fridays (they watch movies on their whiteboard with a projector). Very cool.

The server will have a nice home there come June. But wait… That leaves me with a month to get the server ready. Lots of time, lots to move. But that’s not where this post is going. I called Simone and he gave me permission to put my server in at MSA while we get it prepped. I won’t be using it as a business server here, just getting the DNS stuff ready, email, databases, and probably get everyone who can move, moved.

That said I came in to MSA today to install it. While I was here I thought I would actually do some MSA work as well. For example, the server was making a horrible beep, so I decided that I should fix the teacher server, afterall, it is my responsibility. Dan had tried various things already to try to get it to work again, but to no avail. So when I got here, I decided to use a method Dan couldn’t try, which required rebooting the machine and rebuilding the array.

Now here’s where you pick up on the key point of where this story is going. Dan never had to reboot the machine.

I rebooted and loaded up the raid re-builder. It took about 2 hours to run during which time I installed my server into the rack. I must say the Dell rails are not only cooler, but easier to install.

Ok, I have to go, but to finish the story up:

The server didn’t reboot when the rebuilding of the array was done. But the beeping stopped!

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