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Ok, so today turned out to be a good day… I woke up, went to school. Because MSA didn’t have school, I got thursday afternoon off.
I decided to head up to church because of the plans I made last night. Met up with Nikki, Sarah, and Anders and went out to Applebee’s.
Not quite what I am always hoping for, but hey it is a start. On a side note, a great debate was wonderfully started at Applebee’s.
The debate consisted of wether or not spliting an all you can eat meal is wrong. I guess I believe it is wrong, but my friends did it anyway and well no one seemed to care.
Oh well to that I guess. My friend’s also set up what appeared to be a really cool prayer walk at the church. I would have atteneded but another friend wanted to meet me at my house at 4.
I was shocked to hear the news that this friend had broken up with his long time girlfriend and well, yeah… Not sure what more to say about that. Econ homework was well.. boring. I really should get more sleep…

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