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So the story continues like so…

The beeping had stopped, because it was no longer running. It was a very very scary feeling. I could not afford to have the server fail again. So I started to debug. Rebooting didn’t help anything, I just ended up at the blinking white cursor screen again. I noted that the hard drive light on the broken hard drive was on solid, but still… Wasn’t do much of anything.

So I’m like, I don’t have enough time to get this fixed, but if I’m going to have to fix it, than I might as well start now. I therefore put the Win2k3 cd in to boot from that and to start the reformatting process.

I did just that, and low and behold, when it got to the detecting hardware stage, it stalled out at the blinking white cursor screen. I thought to myself, why is it doing that Justin, why in the world would it be doing that… I again noted the solid green light. So I thought about it, and decided that maybe reformatting should wait until I can get that blasted green light to shut off.

I therefore, removed the bootable cd and rebooted one more time. This time, I left it on the blinking white cursor screen while I went to do something else. I worked on some of Mooney’s computers and some other minor taskes that I had to do during that period.

Well, about 30 minutes later, all of a sudden… I heard that annoyingly loud beep again. I quickly flipped over to the server and saw that it had indeed started to boot. It confirmed my guess that it was frozen syncing up the two hard drives, and when it failed to do that, it would continue booting. Yay for me.

But now I realized that I would have to deal with shutting that blasted beep off. It took me an hour to find the proper documentation on how this could be done. At first, I tried the same thign Dan had tried, which was to go to adaptec’s website and find the software that shuts the beeping off on the raid card. That of course didn’t work, like it didn’t work for Dan.

I then did some research on the motherboard and found out something rather interesting. Apparently, there is something known as the SCA backplate which is what contains the ports for the hard drives as well as the raid controller/etc. If something fails on this, then the alarm will sound, and because it’s not software based, it can’t be silenced from the computer. So needless to say, Dan and I both will have to put up with the sound for awhile… NOT.

I then pulled out the book to our servers motherboard. Found the speaker. Found the jumper associated with the SCA alarm, and removed it. WOOT! now it’s just a red light, no more beep!

I have the hard drive now, and I plan to take it in tomorrow on my way home from or to school, whichever comes first.

That said, we arrive to today, where I was angry all day. I don’t know why, I just was. The trinity musical was great, I’m sorry if we left anyone in Genesis, but it was starting by the time we got there. I thought it was well done, and it had me wishing yet again that I would bring a laptop every weekend to church so I could digitally record everything that happened during service. Screw the tapes, I want it multichannel.

After that I went up to MSA for a few hours and worked. Server room is pretty clean, which is cool. Finished up a few things that should help Dan out a little. I wish I could do more for him, I know how hard he works. Maybe I should give him more desk space… How about just let him have free server space. We’ll see :-).

Also brought the new server online. It’s running, but I haven’t finished my apache install yet (I have a lot of modules to download and configure, so that might take awhile). But it’s running non the less.

I then came home.

Nascar rocked. Jeff Gordan won and Jimmy took 3rd! WOOT for my guys.

Amber and I then went to dinner. I dropped off a computer for someone. Had a great chat with Julie and Jerimiah, and then I came here to finish this wonderfully long post for you all. Talk to you later! Bye.

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