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I wonder sometimes…

I just learned my lesson in reguards to what you should and should not do with IP-Tables. For example, if you have a user-defined chain and you do an iptables -F, you will more than likely find yourself losing your SSH connection to the server and not being able to get it back without a trip to your server.

That said, I’ll have to make a trip to MSA tonight.

The 2nd to last episode of Friend’s is on tonight. It, in my mind, is really the last episode. If you think about it, what can they do with any story line the last episode. The only thing they can do is resolve things. But wait… There won’t be much to resolve. Eh, either way. I want to be home in time to watch it. It really is to bad that such a great show is going off the air.

Erg, I really wish I wouldn’t have typed that command. I was in the middle of something…

That’s all I have to say at this point. Later all.

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