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Poker, relaxization, and hell

As many of you know, I have developed a someone dangerous addiction to online poker. Now, for the most part, it’s not overly worrisome because I have found that I don’t have enough money to put into the system to actually lose all that much. But the dangerous factor isn’t coming from the fact that I’m playing with real money. The dangerous part, is even when I’m not playing with real money, I’m still playing. I just keep playing, and playing, and playing.

It reminds me of Ultima Online back when I would rush home to play it, sit there for 4 hours with Richard just running around, exploring dangerous areas, or trying to get that last .1 skill point. Yeah, those were the days…

But in all seriousness, I don’t have time this week to play poker. I did tonight… But starting tomorrow, Hell week goes into affect.

I have two major CSCI assignments left. Both of which are going to take a substantial amount of time to complete. Both I need to complete. That shouldn’t be too bad, except we should factor in church and work. Then suddenly it all adds up. Tomorrow’s plan: stay till midnight and get as much as possible done. Thursday: stay until 2031 is finished. Saturday: is our last resort day (one of the assignments is due Monday). So yeah.

My grandparents arrived about an hour ago. They’ll be staying with us probably for a week or two till they get the camper in Lake Elmo. It’s always good to have them here. Our house stays a little cleaner, the laundry gets done a little faster, and it’s just more love all around. I know people might think it’s nutz to have more family live with them, but really… It works out quite well in our house.

Other than that, my sweety just got off work, so I should probably be calling her. Sim is coming along nicely with his move. And if only I could figure out the email situation for our new server… Then we would be all set. But time… time is not on my side to focus on that this week. This week, it’s about school.

Night night everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates.

BTW: Prom was great!

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