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It is finished

The mad rush to get all sorts of things done by this morning has been completed. As the morning dawned, we knew we would make it. Who cares if we only got 4 hours of sleep. Who cares that we still have more work to do tomorrow, not to mention finals…

All that matters, is I can breathe again.. right after I edit and submit a paper this afternoon.

Tonight is FNF up at church if you feel like coming. The movie will be Monty Python’s Holy Grail. My Cobalt Flux DDR pad will be there. I’m sure Derek has food. You are all invited, so you all should come. NI NI NI

I’ve been playing way to much poker lately, as I think I’ve mentioned in my last post. I think I might start keeping stats here for my hands and such. It might be fun. But it requires work, and right now, I have a backlog of that.

JR Corp’s new server has been put on hold due to school. I need to look over our contract and get the email server working. That way we can at least move if we want to.

Amber and I had prom last Saturday. It was great. We went with the group of friends my sister went with. I know that might sound lame, but really, they’ve all grown up such that it was fun. We had a little bit of friendly banter, a little bit of useful conversation, a little bit of trivia, and a lot of plain old fun.

Wolves won… then lost… Hope we start winning again.

I feel like I’m not doing my part as a good friend lately. I’ve been so busy that I’m starting to neglect things like friendships. Hopefully, that will all get fixed over summer vacation, but… who knows. I just feel like I should be doing more that’s all… What ever happen to friday night movie nights… Perhaps again this summer :-).

I think that’s enough of a post for now, sorry if it was boring.


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