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Hot Box

The room here at work has no *working* air conditioner. The room here at work also holds 10 servers. The room here at work get’s hot. It’s like MSA’s server room on the weekends, if you’ve ever been there.

I running some security updates on one of the computers here at work. I’m not completely in the know on what all I SHOULD be working on, but at least this is something worthwhle.

I debating how long I will stay at work today, and whether or not I will go to church tonight. I have another final early tomorrow morning, and it’s another one which I planned on studying for… Well I suppose that makes sense… I planned on studying for 3 of 4 of my finals. It’s just the best way to do things.

I also have a homework assignment due at midnight tonight… which is for the most part done, and has been since Friday. I’m hoping Rob did something with it though, but knowing him, he slacked or was busy studying for one of his finals. Either way, I need to be sure that the version that is checked in is the version we want submitted.

So yeah. This Hotfix is taking a little longer than I would have liked, but eh. It should be done shortly. I should check the site when I’m done with it.

I need to get to work on JR Corps as well. Lots to do there. Still stuck on the email server temporarily. Maybe I’ll spend Friday afternoon there while Amber and Nikki try to see Jason in concert for free.

So yeah, church or no church, that tis be the question. Later all