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Let me sum up

Here, let me sum up the last 3 days, and the next 4 days.

The last 3:

Wolves Won. I love Amber. I think coding 8 hours a day will drive me mad. MSA is in good hands. I got the email server to work (probably more on that in next post). Moving startings next Monday (hopefully). Started coding for WLC. Hope that backbone turns out nice. Went to dinner with my sweety. Saw the last episode of friends. Wished sweety goodbye. Thought about programming, and packed.

The next 4:

Wolves play again. Amber and Nikki are in California. I’m in Nebraska for a wedding. I won’t get any work done. This site won’t get updated. Not sure if I packed everything. Cousin is the one getting married. I’m an usher, and I need to leave in about 4 hours, so I am going to go to bed.

If you need to reach me, try the cell.. Otherwise, sorry.

I’m out

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