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Wireless Wonder

The hotel in Nebraska that I am staying at finally got high speed wireless internet access. Not to mention, it’s free. Free! Woot. All the bandwidth one could want, and it’s all free. It’s actually a fairly large pipe as well. Fast enough that I can shell out to my server and not be laggy. Heck, it’s even 802.11G. Wow for that.

I don’t know how Amber‘s trip is going yet. I haven’t tried to call her. Perhaps I will do that tomorrow morning. She called me this morning to tell me she was getting on the plane with Nikki, and they were all excited. I’m sure they’ve already spent all of their money, and maybe some other people’s as well.

BTW: Today is Amber‘s and my official 1 year anniversary. I would just like to restate that I love her. I miss her. And I can’t wait to pick her up on monday.

She gave me this cute photo album of the last year of us together. Lot’s of cute pictures. If I get her permission and I find the time, I’ll post them online. Overall, it was very cool. I plan on show all my family tomorrow at the wedding reception, that way they can see how happy Amber and I are.

On another note, one of my other cousin’s got engaged. It looks like we are all settling down.

The wedding rehersal went well. I’m an usher. I think we won’t screw up to bad. I mean, come on. What’s the worst thing we could do? Oh, nm that. I figure we could do a lot of BAD things.

The laughter down here is so much fun. We can talk and talk and talk and just go on about some of the dumbest things. Like for example this joke that was told today:

"What’s green and has wheels"
"I lied to you about the wheels"

It’s amazing how silly some of the stuff is.

I think that’s all I have to say for now. Fair winds all.