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Countdown to Reality

 Everyone seems to always be counting down to something. I guess maybe that’s why Dan has that count down timer on his site… Let’s see some countdowns that I’m aware of that have some meaning to me:

1 day till MSA is done for the year (actually 14 hours)
2 days till the server get’s installed in it’s new home
4 days till Amber graduates
20 days till deadline to move all sites to new server (self imposed)
3 months till school starts
1 year till I graduate
5 years to become a millionaire (according to deadlines set when I was younger).

Cool Huh?

I realized something today. I can basically jump back to any memory I want for the last 2 years. I can think about what I did March 22nd, 2003 if I really wanted to. How many of you can say what you were doing exactly on some day? I’m sure the ones who are keeping a blog can say me me me, but really. Won’t it be cool when I turn 90 and I am able to tell my grand kids what I did when I was in college. I might be crazy and not remember at all, but I can say here, read this.

Here’s what I did today:

Went to work, which was strangely nerve racking and fun. The morning was spent upgrading apache and php (and all sorts of dependencies) on the primary server. We had spent the last week testing and changing the code so this upgrade would go smooth (there was some code that broke due to a change php functionality). We were pretty sure it was all fixed, but really, there was no way to no.

So I carefully stepped through a detailed script I had written to build the new server. All I can say about it is that it worked perfect! I have never had an apache install go quite so well. Nothing broke. Nothing stopped. Nothing failed to start. We literally didn’t have anymore than 15 seconds of downtime (just enough to fully kill apache and restart it). Very cool. Very awesome. Very well done (might I add).

I faxed over the contract to Implex to get our server in place. We are on track to move it in Friday at 3:30. Here’s hoping it’s not raining and that all goes well.

Church went well. I think I need to be a better friend to Nikki. She is a great friend, but I feel we haven’t done anything lately. It’s similiar to how I feel about Sim, but really, I just flat out miss Sim. Nikki on the other hand, I just feel detached. I do with a lot of my friends now adays. I think that comes with getting into a solid relationship where you have to give it your all.

Played Scrabble with Amber‘s dad. I haven’t done that in awhile. It was fun, I got wasted yet again.

Came home, updated my resume, mainly because I was talking business with Sim and Rob on and off all day. Felt I should add the U of M stuff as well as update some of the information on it. It’s not like I’ll be using it soon anyway, right Blaine?

Starting a business is a lot of work. I have to go now, rumor is I’m flying in the morning.

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