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Moving In Graduation

Let’s start with what happened friday. For those of you who didn’t hear, the server got moved in and with much success. YAY. We’ll probably start moving sites over come monday, pending the DNS entries becoming live.

So that’s cool.

Saturday I went and saw the MSA school play. I must say it wasn’t half bad. The live music was to par. The show was to par. It wasn’t the world’s best, but it surely wasn’t our worst.

After that I setup a movie night with Rich, Elizabeth, John, Amber, and Nikki. It went very well. We watched parts of Brother Bear, Frequency, and Spider.man. All in all, it was very relaxing, and few fun. A few glances between Rich and I 😉 ;-). Ok, so not really, it was all good though. We didn’t get to any poker, but that’s ok, I’m back to Ultima again. Needless to say, Ultima takes my money once every 6 months. Currently, poker manages to take about the same amount of money every 2 weeks. Therefore, Ultima is a better addiction.

So far, for those who speak the language, I’ve been working on G-man’s blacksmithy, and BBB’s inscribe. BBB has gotten his inscribe from 49 to 57.5 at time of writing this, Gman’s blacksmithy is all the way up to 90.6. Only ten more points to go till I’m GM on Gman. But that’s not where it stops. I made a purchase in the game to get Gman’s stat up to 115. So that is a pretty modest gain. We’ll see if we can’t get Gman to his second GM by the end of the month, and perhaps BBB’s second GM by the end of the month as well.

And now, for the big news. Amber GRADUATED today. It was spectacular spending the day with her on her day. What’s the expression, Joy doubled!? We sat outside on the trampoline and had a great conversation about life for about 2 hours, as well as went out to dinner with her family and church with her in the morning. I love that girl. I truly do.

She’s at an all night party right now, so I’m kinda sad that I’m going to miss our nightly conversation. That’s ok though. I’m playing UO to make up for it. So with that, I leave you there. Rinse first will probably the first site to move to the new server, so watch for it!

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