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Work never stops.

I’m back to Code Orange status as I find myself darting from thing to thing. My sleep average has falled to roughly 5.5 hours a night for the last 4 nights. I’m tired, and it’s showing.

Tonight is movie night. I need to call some people. I guess the main purpose of tonight is to move some websites, but yeah. Let’s go down my list of things to do, mainly because I don’t have any better idea at this point.

Make sure Alex is moved to the new server without any issues.

Fix the bug in Postfix involving passwords

Test and Check Email forwarders

Test the ability to send email outbound via SMTP

Move Rinsefirst to new server by Monday.

Finish Blaine‘s move and get him his DNS entries.

Split apache log files to their sumdomains.

Configure Awstats to start using said log files.

Move 15 other sites over (maybe this is a sunday or saturday morning thing).

WLC Youth website, need to get some fun stuff finished… Sooner, the better.

Clean for movie night.

I think the list is longer than this, but thats the stuff that’s pressing.

In other news. Amber had her orientation. She seems excited about the U, and I’m excited for her.

Spent Wednesday night talking with Nikki. It was a good conversation about the traditional, life, universe, and well, everything. Of course, the end product had to be funny, like Justin completely losing his keys at 2:30 in the morning. Oh well.

Oh, another thing for that list: The Emperor’s Ball is of course tomorrow. As well as Jake’s grade party. Gotta get prepped for that.

Need to contact Matt, sounds like he need’s hosting.

Have to sign papers for Richard involving business.

Ultima has been going well. Made it to 65 inscribe so I can make BOD books. That’s useful, to some degree for me. I’m not making large amounts of money in the game, but I am doing pretty well at getting my smith to GM.

Well I best get back to work so I can get home on time. Later.

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