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An update between installs

It’s been a busy and exciting weekend. Let’s start with that list of to-do’s I posted on friday.

Make sure Alex is moved to the new server without any issues.
Completed: He has moved, we did hit issues, but he is moved.
Fix the bug in Postfix involving passwords
Nope, working on it as we speak
Test and Check Email forwarders
Nope, and I’m sick of color so I won’t do that again. I did test it and it turned out not to work.
Test the ability to send email outbound via SMTP
Same as 3. I emailed the guy. Hopefully his response will work when I get to it.
Move Rinsefirst to new server by Monday.
Nope, we’re still here.
Finish Blaine‘s move and get him his DNS entries.
Finished isn’t the right word, but we’re close.
Split apache log files to their sumdomains.
Configure Awstats to start using said log files.
Move 15 other sites over (maybe this is a sunday or saturday morning thing).
WLC Youth website, need to get some fun stuff finished… Sooner, the better.
Clean for movie night.
YepWow… managed to complete 1 or 2 things on the list. I did get a lot more done this weekend than that. So let’s spew about it.

Friday night we did movie night here. We managed to get Matt an account through Alex‘s domain as well as finish up the move for Alex and Richard. Yay, 2 sites down… Maybe we can finish a few more this week… Have to get email at 100% though… It was a great turnout, and a great time.

Saturday, I spent most of the day day playing around with the server and cleaning up the mess from friday. I figured out that the email server did in fact need work. Yay. At 2:30 I got dressed up for the Ball, and headed to go pick up my princess Amber.

From there, we went to a graduation party for Jake, a friend from church that I’m sure I’ve mentioned here before. It’s always fun showing up all dressed up. You get a few jokes cracked at your expense, but overall, it’s a good time. After the party, we proceeded to go meet up with Sim and Elizabeth.

From there, it was to the ball. I could probably go on and on about the ball, because despite my lack of ability to dance, it’s fun going around and seeing all the sites and food. We had all sorts of deserts and all sorts of German food. It was even more fun that last year, mainly because they added stuff and because we had a group with us. I must say I like doing things with Rich and Elizabeth. They are a great couple and they match up with us fairly well. (at least I think so).

*side note: I’m getting frustrated (and tired) with a module that doesn’t want to install into PHP… ERG*

Today I spent most of the day with Amber. Starting with Church, through lunch, to Nascar where my drivers both placed in the Top 5 and Jimmy again managed to take first. Go Jimmy! That was a horrible end to a race though.

After that we went to yet another grad party where I again ate to much.

I then helped teach Amber to play 500, that spectacular card game we all know and love.

Ok, and that’s where this post ends. There is some other news but I want to share it with Amber before I share it with the world, and no, it’s not something like asking her to marry me. Someone is living with us again. Yay!

Bed Time.

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  • jjdb210 May 31, 2005, 5:06 pm

    Life is always this busy… It's scary how that works.

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