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Talk About Crazy

I got caught up in this hype. Wow. You can do a lot of research on this person and still end up with fairly unconclusive data. I wish I could get one piece of information to go and verify. Something like a "real" name. Or perhaps, the name of the church she goes to. Man… I’m crazy. If you exist Layne, email me, I would love to hear how your trail goes. If you want hosting, I’ll get you that too ;-). Maybe all this is developing from Woodbury being such a small community.

I have plenty to do on the server, so perhaps I’ll work on some of that now that I’m refusing to let myself dive any deaper into this insanity. I must admit though, trying to prove if someone is real or not is quite fun.

My sister is sleeping with a girl now…

That trashy or what?

After that comment, I have some minor things to get done.