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Felt I would update because I was inbetween moves. Probably our smoothest move to date, jbcorps.com completed today. Went very well and had it all done in under an hour. Not bad.

Yesterday I had blue screen syndrom. My computer was crashing once or twice every half hour it seemed and all I could tell is that it was a hardware issue. So of course, I went on a mission to figure it out.

It was obviously related to memory, so I pulled out my favorite memory testing utiltity (memtest86) and began testing away the ram. I ended up with something in the area of 136 in one section of memory so I’m like shit… I fried some ram.

Pulling the ram stick out and running another test on the then left in stick proved to show no errors on the sticks at all. So I decided that I should test the reliability of my computer after that so I booted fully with only 512 megs of ram and started doing everything that was crashing me earlier. Over the next 24 hours, my machine would remain running, without a glitch. So it must have been the RAM right?

Well that seemed strange to me. RAM doesn’t just die unless you do something to it. I haven’t been overclocking… I haven’t been abusing it… The only thing that consistantly causes trouble is me transporting my computer. So perhaps, maybe a section of it fell out of the slot. So I put the ram stick back in and ran another ram test. This one turned out MUCH better than the previous memory scan… So I left it in. So far I’ve ran about 2 hours without a crash. That’s a good sign.

I also upgrade my firmware. Maybe that had something to do with it. All I know is that it’s running well and 15 mghz faster than normal.

So I best be getting back to moving the JR Corps site. That way maybe I can take some breaks between moving and spend some time on getting to developing.

Movies are a dangerous.

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