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So it is Easter at last. I must say today was a very long day. I woke up at 4:00 am to arrive at church by 4:45. We then set up for an hour until the service at 6.
It was an amazing service put on by the highschool. The service worked in peoples lives all around me. I loved it. They loved it. It never ceases to amaze me just how strong the power of God’s love can be.
After that I wandered church for awhile looking for something but finding nothing. I then came home and ran into the same problem. This problem of not being able to find that which meets your needs can be very depressing.
Depressing to a point where you are not sure why you wait around for it. To get my mind off this sinkhole of thought, I commenced in webdesign for the church’s highschool website. I must say, that after 8-10 hours of coding, it is looking pretty good.
With a little work, it has the potential to be amazing. It has to be my best site design since the design of the Super Mario Royal Castle. I sure enjoyed it, and it took my mind off my troubles. Speaking of troubles, every run into troubles with food on holidays.
I am finding turkey to be very troublesome of the following reasons. One, it doesn’t taste that good. I mean, it is good, but not THAT good. Two, it creates a large amount of leftovers when not served to a large group. This means your eating food you might not like over and over again.
Three, its a lot of work that can make a mom very grumpy. For all these reasons, I vote that the default meal of every major holiday is now pasta. Thats right PASTA. It is cheap, efficient, and can be extremely tasty. I suggest we get this approved by congress immediantly if we hope to see any action on it in the 2002 legislature.

Have a Happy Easter all, and GOD BLESS!

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